5 Brands That I’ve Tried

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d give you a brief run down of a few brands of dye that I’ve used over the years.

1) Bleach London (from Boots)



Like with the bleach product I reviewed in my last post, I think the bleach London dyes are kind of overrated. I love the preview colour of this (the image above). The dye smells lovely, and you get a lot of product in the bottle. But, ultimately, I was disappointed in this product as my hair just had a slight greeny tint after using it. I feel like to get this dye to work well, you need absolute white hair, which is not an easy colour to get. A really nice range, but possibly not for at home bleachers like me!

2) Directions (from a Amazon)

This is definitely my ride or dye (haha). But for real I use this dye almost every time I dye my hair, and no matter what I try I always go back to it. The colour lasts 2/3 washes on me, which is average for semi-permanent dye. Having used this in a few colours (red, blue, pink, purple…) I’ve always found it’s pigmented, a nice texture, and is pretty true to the colour chart in terms of what colour your hair turns after using it. I definitely recommend!

3) Crazy Color (from Amazon)
This is a dye I’ve used a few times. It’s pretty good colouring on the hair. The only reason I don’t use this is that I find the texture of the dye so awkward. It feels almost similar to shampoo, and sucks back into the bottle when you try to get it out. So I find this texture slightly harder to work into the hair. But overall this isn’t a bad dye and I would recommend it.

4) Manic Panic (from Amazon)
Guys, I was so disappointed in this dye! I bought it ages ago when I had red hair because I heard Hayley Williams used it, and her hair looked so bright all the time. It was a good colouring when I used it, but it’s so hyped up. I think it’s equally as good as Schwartzkopf, possibly as good as Directions. But that’s just me, and I’ve only ever used it in red.

5) Schwarzkopf (from Boots)













This dye does what it says it will! I used this in purple, thinking it wouldn’t be that bright. (I don’t know why ‘Ultra Brights’ didn’t give me a clue).  I added conditioner to it in an attempt to tone it down a bit, and my hair went such a bright pink. I hated the colour but, in fairness to the brand, it was so bright, well coloured and pigmented. So I do recommend this, just don’t make stupid assumptions like I did!

So that’s my recommendations for a few at home, semi-permanent dyes. I feel like I could definitely do an entire post for each of these individually, so if that’s something you guys are interested in then let me know down below. Thanks for reading!


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