My Hair History

Before I start posting properly and giving advice, I think I should give a brief background of my hair and the experience I’ve had with it.

Here are some of the colours I’ve been. This isn’t even all of them! (P.s. don’t judge me some of these pictures are so old, like before I knew how to take bomb selfies).


And then this is my hair right now. It’s not really any colour / it’s kind of all of the colours.


(That’s my sister, sporting what is actually my natural hair colour lol).

I feel like I should first say that everything I post on this blog is from my own experience and is therefore my own opinion. I can’t give any professional reviews of products, but I can tell you how I got on with them.

I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14, so it hasn’t been a normal colour in about 5 years. Everything I’ve done, I’ve done from home, and I’ve never been to the hairdressers to get my hair coloured. You know how some people are scared of the dentist? That’s me with the hairdressers, I’m genuinely a bit scared because I think if they saw my hair now they would shout at me and cut it all off.

However, this does give me first hand experience with a lot of different home dyes and hair products, so I’m going to be reviewing, comparing, and giving my opinions on them. I’ll start with products I’ve used, but if you have anything  you’d like reviewed, comment down below!



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