Bleach on a budget

The first step of colouring your hair is always lightening, and if you have really dark hair (like me), then you’ll need a really strong bleach.

My advice straight away is that you should go to a hairdressers, they will do it 100% better, and more importantly, your hair won’t be as damaged.

There are also other, healthier alternatives to bleaching your hair with box dyes! (This is a really nice summary of colours, levels of lift and mixing your own developers, and why box dyes are not as healthy for your hair).

However, I’ve never gone to the hairdressers do get my hair coloured because I’m super poor all the time, and I haven’t experimented with developers, but I will definitely in future blog posts! So here are my reviews of my two favourite high street box bleaches which will give you maximum lightening (and also, sadly, quite a lot of damage).

  1.  Schwarzkopf – Live Colour XXL (£4.50 at Boots)


I always get confused with this whether you should use 00A or 00B for the most lightening. Every time I go into a shop I have to pick up both boxes and see which has the most levels of lift. ooB has the most levels of lift (9 rather than 8) so this is the one with the most lightening power,  and turns my dark brown hair a yellowy colour, (which I’ll definitely document next time).

This bleach is pretty good for high street, and is powerful enough for me to dye my hair blue over the top of with a pretty consistent colour. I really recommend it for lightening but I can’t stress enough how damaging box bleach is.

Also, this is £4.50 in Boots, which I think is pretty good.  It’s amazing when you think about the fact it is £9.00 in my local chemist back at home. I don’t have much hair but it covers it all and leaves some product usually. So it’s good for root touch up too.

2. Bleach London (£7.00 at Boots)


Again this bleach is pretty good for the high street, but it is more expensive, and I don’t necessarily think it’s worth the extra money.

I do think that Bleach London as a brand is a bit overrated. I love the brand and the design, and the way it’s marketed is so cool. It also comes with a little booklet with some great advice on when and how to bleach your hair.

In terms of how good it is, I don’t think this is as powerful as Schwarzkopf, as it does leave my hair a bit more orange, and I always feel like I need to bleach it again before I dye it.

As a positive, it does come with a really nice hair mask, which makes my hair feel quite soft, (but also my hair is so far gone it doesn’t make too much of a difference). Check out Niamh Rayne’s review for a better more detailed review.

Thanks for reading, comment down below if you have any questions!




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