Strategy / Blog Influences

Influential Bloggers:

Summary of what I’ve learnt:

  • Of the blogs I researched, the majority used simple and colloquial language. The posts were written in a conversational tone and therefore made the reader feel like they could relate to the author.
  • Most of the blogs utilised images – with a continuous theme which makes the blog flow, and usually displayed a small segment of what was in the following post.
  • A few of the blogs had a header image, which introduced the blog well and often added a nice finish.
  • I found that most blogs seemed to have a young adult audience, as this is predominantly  the age group which is interested in experimenting with their hair colour. Some blogs had other subjects which related to this age group, such as travel.
  • I will ustilise my research by adapting my tone to be conversational. I will also make the layout of my blog aesthetically pleasing in the same way that I found in my research, with previews of the post. I will aim my writing at the young adult audience, as this was most popular in my research.

Considering SEO:

  • After learning about SEO, I intend to utilise a few techniques.
  • For example, as my blog is new it is unlikely I will receive many inbound links from established blogs. However, I will include outbound links in my blog posts, linking my readers to useful content and blogs and pages which are relevant to hair and colouring.
  • I will also make use of keywords in my posts. This means I will use phrases like “hair, hair dye, review, opinion” in order to draw in a relevant readership. I will also use these in hashtags in my blog.

1. Zoe London

Hair 3

  • I liked the appearance of this blog – the grid pattern looked good with the chosen images.
  • I also liked the featured blog posts at the beginning of the blog.
  • I think the colloquial, relatable language, works well, and the images complimented the writing within the blog.

2. Katie Snooks

Hair 4

  • Mixture of posts on different topics, language is personal and so works well for the personal style of the blog.
  • The layout of the links/images at the top of the page work well.
  • Layout of the images on the left / preview of each post look good and show what the post contains.

3. Grace & Braver

Hair 5

  • Personal – stories, includes travelling as well as hair tutorials.
  • Young audience – teenagers and young adults.
  • Simple/relatable language –  makes the reader feel like they have something in common with the author.

4. Killerstrands Hair Clinic


  • Audience is young adults interested in dying their hair different colours.
  • Advice and information – links to different websites with helpful information and tutorials.
  • The tone of the blog is relatively colloquial and conversational.
  • Easy/comfortable level of speaking.

5. Rainbow Hair Colour

Hair 2

  • Grid view, images are most visible, with a small piece of text.
  • Personal, “I” – speaking about own experiences.
  • Colloquial again, using relatable language.
  • Audience seems to be predominantly young adults, but some posts relate to an older audience too – less of a limit on the age.

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